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When you open a fractal, this is the first window to be opened. From here you can quickly access the other editors.
User Manual: Preview Window
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The Preview window in its normal state.
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The Preview window with the Button bar visible (by hovering the mouse of the window).

Button Bar

When you hover the mouse over the Preview window, the button bar appears. It provides a quick way to access most of the features of Fractal Architect in one spot.
The buttons allow you to (in order):
  1. Open the Triangle Editor
  2. Open the Color Gradient Editor
  3. Open the Variants Creator
  4. Open the Cross Breeder Editor.
  5. Toggle the Scale, Rotate, Move drawer of the Preview window open/closed.
  6. Open a Quicklook larger view of the fractal.
  7. Open a Source text window with the fractal source code.
  8. Render a large, high quality fractal image and save it to disk.

See Button Bar buttons.

Scale, Rotate, & Move fractal Controls Drawer

You can open/close the drawer by one of:
  • Clicking on the triangle in the middle of the status bar just below the fractal.
  • Use the Toggle Drawer menu item on context menu.
  • Click the Toggle Drawer button on the popup Button bar of Preview window.
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No editing.
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Combined translate, scale, and rotate mode.
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Scale mode - enlarge/shrink
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Translate - move the fractal around
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Rotate the fractal
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Crop the fractal
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Grow window - opposite of cropping
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Flip the fractal 90 degrees right
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Flip the fractal 90 degrees left
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Fully Touchpad Capable

If you have used Google Maps on the iPhone, you can use the same touch gestures to change the fractal's size, rotation, and placement in the window.

Cropping the Fractal - Shrinking Viewport

You can crop the fractal viewport area (using an optional fixed aspect ratio), to select a smaller portion of the fractal to see.
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Growing the Fractal Viewport - Opposite of crop

This is the opposite of cropping - the window is enlarged, but the fractal inside stays the same dimensions, so you see more of the area around the original fractal area.
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