Fractal Variants Creator

The Variants Creator creates a random set of fractals that are variants of an original fractal. It is easy and a powerful tool.

User Manual: Variant Creator

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The Original Fractal

Here is the original fractal from which will come many variants.

The beauty of the Flame Fractals is how easy it is to create beautiful variants of them.

So often when creating a new fractal, you ask yourself: "How can I make this fractal more interesting?"

Variants is one easy, easy way of making lots of changes in a non-destructive way.

The Power of Variants

It is so easy. Just select the types of variants you want to make and click the Roll Dice button. That's it!
If you like one of the new fractals just save it to a file or to the Stash.

These are actual screenshots showing how beautiful some variants can be.
This screenshot shows the fractals created by choosing these variant types:
  • Color Gradient
  • Transform Weights
  • Variation Weights
  • Variation Parameters
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This next screenshot shows the fractals created by choosing these variant types:
  • Color Gradient
  • Lua Tweak Script: addPreJulian.lus
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What type of changes can I apply to the original fractal?


These are the basic change types you can apply to make a Variants batch:
  • Change colors.
  • Change Color Shifts
  • Change Background
  • Change Transform Colors
  • Change Matrix
  • Do Crazy Matrix changes
  • Mix-in other transform variation types.
  • Change Transform visibility.
  • Change Transform opacity.
  • Modify Transform weights.
  • Change Variation Weights
  • Change Variation Parameter values
  • Add Final Transform
  • Change Xaos values
  • Change fractal symmetry
  • Change final mastering parameters
  • Tweak 3D camera.
  • Use Lua Tweak Scripts.

Mix Multiple Variant Types

You can apply more than one type of change at a time by selecting more than one change with the mouse. Here the Color Gradient, Background Colors, and Transform Colors operations have been selected.

Lennart Östman's Fractal Variants Tutorial

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