Fractal Keyframe Collections

A Fractal file can hold more than one fractal definition in it. Typically, it can be used for three purposes:
  1. To hold a collection of fractals that are not related to one another.
  2. To hold a large collection of interpolated animation frames for future video rendering.
  3. To hold the keyframes for an animation (but not interpolated yet).
User Manual: Browsing Frames

Frames View

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Adding Frames

Drag and Drop a fractal carefully after the last thumbnail to append the new frame. You can insert a fractal between two thumbnails or in front of the first thumbnail if you wish.

Replacing a Frame

Drag and Drop a fractal on top of one the thumbnails. The new fractal overwrites the fractal its dropped on.

Removing Frames

Select a frame, then click the Minus button.

Reordering Frames

You can drag a thumbnail and drop it somewhere else.

Show Video

This pops up a thumbnail video showing a video made from all visible thumbnails. Its intended for fractal collections that are interpolated from an animation.

Keyframe Animation

The keyframe animation panel lets you create long keyframe animation videos. See Animation Page for more details.
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