Screenshot of Fractal Architect in action Version 2.4 - FireStorm
FA / S
Fractal Architect 2
Serendipity (base)
FA / S + KF
Fractal Architect 2
Serendipity + Keyframes
FA / S + TE
Fractal Architect 2
Serendipity + Triangle Editor
FA / S + CE
Fractal Architect 2
Serendipity + Color Gradient Editor
FA / S + CB
Fractal Architect 2
Serendipity + Cross Breeder

Discover Fractal Architect 2 / Serendipity
        for Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, & Mountain Lion

What are Fractal Architect 2 and Serendipity?

Hardware & Software Requirements

Features That Depend on Specific Mac OS X Versions


Creating Fractals

FA / S Creating Randomized Fractals with Control

FA / S Creating Fractal Variants

FA / S Using the Stash to Improve Your Fractals

FA / S Creating Custom Desktop Backgrounds - Creating Large Images

Rendering Fractals

FA / S Basic Render Images to File for Printing & Web

FA / S Advanced Rendering

FA / S Advanced Rendering - Pausing, Resuming, & Recharging Your Images

Keyframes, Folios, and Image Batch Rendering

FA / S + KF PDF Folios, Finder Quicklook Previews & Animation Tutorial

FA / S + KF PDF Folio & Image Batch Rendering


FA / S + TE Using the Triangle Editor

FA / S + CE Using the Color Gradient Editor

FA / S + TE Chaos & Linked Transforms


FA / S + KF Introduction to Animating Fractals

FA / S + CB Using the Cross Breeder

FA / S + KF Keyframe Video Animation

Main Windows and What they do

FA / S Welcome Window - Make New Fractals & Gallery

FA / S Fractal Preview Window


FA / S+ TE Triangle Editor

FA / S + CE Color Gradient Editor

FA / S + KF Keyframe Fractal Collection Window

Variants Creator and Cross Breeder

FA / S Fractal Variant Creator

FA / S + CB Fractal Cross-Breeder


FA / S Render Image to File Panel

FA / S Render Multiple Images to a Folder Panel

FA / S Saved Render State Panel

Keyframe Window

FA / S + KF Keyframe Concepts

FA / S + KF Keyframe Windows


FA / S Stash Panel

FA / S Fractal Source Text Window

Quick Navigation & Quick-Spin

FA / S Quick Navigation Buttons

FA / S + TE QuickSpin ButtonQuick-Spin Slider and Interpolator

Where Can I Get Flame Fractals?

Where to get them. has great flame fractal tutorials (listed as Apophysis tutorials)

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OpenCL CPU and GPU accelerated

Flam4-Nvidia CUDA



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