New Non-Animation Features

Lua Scripting

  • Create & Change Fractals with Lua Scripts

  • New Scripted Random Generator

  • New Tweak Scripts for Variants

  • Lua Editor inside App

Scripted Random Generator

  • Use Lua Scripts to create random fractal batches

  • Includes assorted Lua scripts to get you started

  • Example scripts ported from jWildfire and Oxidizer

  • Can modify random fractals further with optional Lua tweak scripts

Create Standard Variants with Lua Tweak Scripts

  • Standard Variants Editor has new Lua Script variant category

  • Can be combined with other variant categories

Super Variants Editor

  • Uses Animation Configurator to set parameter value ranges for variants

  • As much control as Triangle Editor

  • Lots of control - but not as easy as Standard Variants

  • As powerful as Lua scripts - but NO scripting required

Triangle Editor

  • Variation Group Chains & Variation Instancing

  • Color Curves Popover RGB(Luminance)/Red/Green/Blue curves

  • Custom Animations - multiple parameter animations

  • Fine & Very Fine Edit mode

  • QuickSpin Fine Control Slider - for very slight changes

Random Fractal Generator

  • Pre, Normal, & Post Variation Group Categories

  • Lua Tweak Scripts can be applied to all random fractals

New Builtin Variation Types:

  • target, circlize2, squares, lazyTravis, squish

  • uni, julia3Dx, curl_sp, sph3D, julian3

Variation Group Chains

  • Variations are inside Variation Groups linked together as a Chain

  • Flexibility of Serial + Parallel Variation Evaluation

    • Inside a Group: Parallel - features blended together

    • Between Groups: Serial - much larger affect than parallel

  • So Powerful, yet so easy - Far easier than Xaos linked transforms
  • Almost as strong an affect as Final transforms

    • i.e. Normal

    • i.e. Pre Normal Post

    • i.e. Pre#1 Pre#2 Normal Post#1 Post#2

Custom Variations

  • Create Your Own New Variation Types from Scratch

    • Hack Existing Variation Types to Create New Ones

    • Does Require C Programming Skill and Knowledge of Computer Graphics

    • Everything you need is in the App

    • Use the builtin Text Editor or your favorite Text Editor

    • OpenCL Compiler gives instant feedback

Coloring Related Improvements

  • Photo-Editor Like Luminance, Red, Green, and Blue Color Curves

  • Smooth Palette Mode for Color Gradients

    • Edit Gradient's Hue, Saturation, and Luminance Curves

    • Smoothest possible Color Gradients

  • Support for irregular spaced Color Stops in Gradient Editor

Cross Breeder

  • Cross-Breeding Permutations - many new morph combinations

  • Morph Variation Group Chains & Variation Instances

  • Custom Animations - multiple parameter animations

Preview Window

  • 3D Fly-Through and Orbital Camera Playground

New Animation Related Features

Animation Curves

  • 11 Animation Curve Types - Each can be Flipped and/or Mirrored

    • Each curve instance can have different curve parameters

    • New 2D/3D B-Spline, NURBS, and Catmull-Rom curve editors

    • Spline curves can be Open or Closed

Cross-Breeder Custom Animations

  • Morph + Animate one to many fractal parameters in parallel

  • Same Preview/Rendering Features as Basic Animation Clips

Basic Keyframe Morph Animations

  • New Keyframe Window animation mode

  • Creates extended Keyframe Morph Animations

  • Pick from 1 of 4 Animation Curves

  • Each keyframe's morph duration can be different

Video Rendering

  • Pause & Resume Video Rendering

    • Resume the Video Render days later

    • Savable Movie Render State

  • Other enhancements

    • Simplified Motion Blur

    • More Accurate Render Time Estimate

    • Real-time Render Performance Feedback

Built-in Movie Utilities

  • Convert Image File Sequence to Movie
    • Can add Audio Track at the same time
  • Splice Movies

Cross Breeding Combinations

  • New - Many, many different unique cross-breeding combinations
  • Each combination looks different !!
# of transforms in fractal # of cross-breed combinations
2 2
3 6
4 24
5 120
6 720
7 5,040
8 40,320
9 362, 880

Triangle Editor Custom Animations

  • Animate one to many fractal parameters in parallel

  • Same Preview/Rendering Features as Basic Animation Clips

True 3D Camera

  • True 3D Camera Mode

    • Extends Apophysis 3D Hack Camera

      • Camera Postion X/Y/Z

      • Separate Camera Look-At Point

      • Standard 3D or Apophysis Hack Frustum Clipping Modes

      • Camera Field-of-View

    • Supports 3D Fly-Throughs and Orbital Camera

    • True 3D Camera support for Custom Animations and Animation Sequencer

  • Backward compatible with Apophysis 3D Hack, Flam3, and FA 3D

Audio Integration

  • Audio track clipping and alignment with video track
  • Display of Audio Track in Sequencer
  • Can add audio tracks to all video animations

Extended Image Sequence File Type Support

  • Rendering an Image Sequence can now output the following file types:
    • PNG (8 or 16 bit)
    • JPEG
    • TIFF
    • JPEG2000
    • BMP
    • EXR (a 16 bit HDR file format)
  • You can choose to create a movie or PDF from any of these types of files.

Animation Sequencer & Segment Configurator

Fractal Animation Sequencer

Video Clips versus Long Complex Animations

  • Tool of choice for building long complex animation sequences.
  • Perfect for creating long Music Video animations.
  • Add Beat Pulsing animations to your videos.
  • Add Camera animations to your videos.

Long Complex Animations - Sequencer

  • Song Properties
  • All of the features in Cross-Breeder
  • Multiple Animation Segments can chained together

Take Total Control of Your Animations

  • Multiple track Animation Sequencer
    • Can control each parameter's animation separately
      • Separate Animation curves for each animation
    • Groups of animations can be bundled together into Segments
    • Optional Beat Pulse curve track for animating to music
    • Camera Animations track
    • Audio Track - can see/listen to audio
    • Import animations from Variant Editor

Layered Animations

  • Use Multiple Animation Tracks
    • Animation Pour-Down - Simple way to add new effects
  • Makes it easy to add beat pulsing to an animation
  • Easy to add extended Camera animations
  • Animation Pulsing - Fill Animation Track with Pulse Pattern
  • Sequencer View - similar to GarageBand or other Music sequencers
  • Grid View - single animation segment or track view
  • Animation curve plotting for either single animation segment or entire track view

Animation Segment Configurator

  • Configures all of the animations in a single animation segment
  • Provides 9 built-in animation curve shapes + 2 editable spline curve types
  • Supports 2D and 3D spline paths for camera
  • 3D Camera Orientation/Position animations
    • 3D Fly-throughs
    • 3D Orbital Camera
    • Spherical interpolation for Camera Orientation
  • Animation video animation previews
  • Can edit the keyframes and From/To Endpoints with the Triangle Editor
  • Can drag fractals from Variants Editor and Drop them on Configurator
    • Captures the difference between 2 fractals as an animation

Sequences, Tracks, & Segments Concepts

What Is an Animation Segment?

  • A container that holds one to many different animations
  • Animations all of have their own animation curve and From/To values
  • Animations all begin and end together
  • If you can tweak the parameter, you can animate it
    • 62 parameter categories
    • 15 parameter datatypes
    • 11 animation curve types
  • A typical fractal has up to 300 parameters which can all be animated
  • Animating a handful of parameters can make great animations

What Is an Animation Track?

  • A container that holds one to many different animation segments
  • Each segment has Start Time & Duration
  • Segments do not overlap but can have gaps between them
  • Top Keyframe Track supplies the initial fractal for each video frame

What Is an Animation Sequence?

  • A container that holds one to many different animation tracks
  • Holds optional Audio Track and Song Properties
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