Image Compositing

An exciting new feature allows you to explore the world of fractal composite images - without using another app. Compositing fractals over a solid background color or a background image is fully supported throughout the app.

What is Compositing?

Compositing two images together combines the two images together to form another image.

Each pixel from the two images is blended together weighted by their respective alpha values (alpha determines the opaqueness of a color). So opaque pixels dominate over transparent ones in the blend.

When a fractal is rendered with a transparent background color, the output

4 Render Modes

In previous versions of Fractal Architect, 2 render modes were supported:

  • Standard
  • Transparent.

Now 2 extra Compositing render modes have been added:

  • Composite Over Color
  • Composite Over Image

Quick Example

Below we see the original Standard render, followed by 2 Composite Over Color.

The next row shows a fractal chosen as the Background Image followed by its Composite.

After playing with the Variants editor, I found a better fractal for the composite.

Stacks Image 5800

Compositing Everywhere

Here we see a composited fractal being edited in the Variants Editor:

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