Use GPU Rendering. Anything else is a BIG Waste of Time !

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What is a 50 X Speed Improvement?

A baby crawls at 1 MPH.
A car going down the highway goes 50 MPH.

Why Flame Fractals?

Fractal images can be awesome images of exquisite beauty. The eye is drawn to symmetry and color patterns, which outstanding fractal images possess in abundance.

Fractal Architect allows you to create awesome flame fractal images with little effort. You can use it to create your own Desktop background images.
Flame fractal images are beautiful and can be easily modified to create an infinity of different images. Flame fractals have been used for special effects in recent movies and animated YouTube music videos.

Fractal images, unlike photographs, can be made to any size without loss of image quality (but rendering times can be much longer for big images than for small ones). and images created by Fractal Architect can be imported by other applications and incorporated into other graphic designs.

Fractal Architect creates a large percentage of high quality random fractals. Fractal Architect produces many fractals which can stand alone without further editing effort, and also includes an easy-to-use complete fractal editor, that allows you to modify any fractal you select for more artistic challenge.
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