Color Gradient Editor

Fractals are colored by applying colors to the transforms taken from the color gradient Fractal Architect makes it easy to create new color gradients, use color schemes, and save the gradients for future use.

User Manual:Color Gradient Editor
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Color Editor Workflow

Open the editor from a Fractal preview window

Do many times:
  • Modify the fractal's gradient and/or replace the gradient with another one.
  • Watch the fractal preview as you make changes
  • Add the gradient to the Gradient Stash if you like it.

Go back to the Stash and select each gradient one at a time, till you find the best.
Hit the Apply to Fractal Preview button - that saves the gradient to the actual fractal.

Gradient Color Stops

Gradients have between 2 and 256 colors in them. Fractals seem to look better with more colors than less in the gradient. A handful of colors leads to monochromatic images, where as having more colors leads to rich multi-toned fractals.

The top portion of the editor shows the list of color nodes and their RGB color values. Sometimes,you want to replace one color. You select the color node to change, then hit the color well to change the color.

9 Color Gradient Example

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256 Color Gradient Example

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Making Random Color Gradients

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  1. Pick from 2 to 256 color stops.
  2. Select a color scheme to use (optional)
  3. For the color scheme select the first color, play with the weights
  4. Click the Create New button.

Easiest Way to make a new Random Gradient

Click the Roll Dice button!

Color Harmony Schemes

Color schemes can be applied to random gradients. The schemes available are:
  • None
  • Grayscale
  • Monochromatic
  • Analogous
  • Complementary
  • Split-Complementary
  • Triadic
  • Tetradic (2 versions)

Gradient Stash

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Since it is so easy to create new gradients and apply them to the fractal, a gradient stash is provided to hold the better looking gradients (when the fractal looks good).

With the Stash, you can switch back and forth between selected stashed gradients, so you can quickly see which looks best. You can even save the stashed gradients to a file and load them in the future.

Random Gradient and Stash Example

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Using a Standard Flam3 Color Gradient

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If you bring your own copy of flam3-palettes.xml for Fractal Architect to use, then you can use one of the color gradients from the file.

Standard Palette & Gradient Stash Example

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Modifying a Gradient

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Modify using these operations on the color nodes:
  • Rotate the gradient color nodes.
  • Hue
  • Saturation
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Blur the color nodes together.
  • Increase the frequency of color node changes.
  • Invert the colors.
  • Reverse the order of the color nodes in the gradient.
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