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Powerful Random Fractal Generation

For many of you, this is the heart of Fractal Architect, rolling up beautiful random fractals. The sheer ease and power of this random fractal generator gives you a great starting point for finding beautiful images.

Fractal Architect has a simple, yet powerful tool, for creating very high quality random fractals. With most products, the random fractals are usually just garbage. But FA promotes the tenet of: Random - with Control. You can create some very nice fractals without any effort.

Most of the fractals on this website were generated using Fractal Architect's "Random - yet with Control" generator.

Its random generation gives you a lot of control over the most important parameters. Once you find some good looking fractals, you can
  1. Open the Quicklook view to get a closer look at the fractal.
  2. Open the fractal in a Preview window, which allows you to make your own changes using Triangle & Color Gradient editors.
  3. Open a Variant creator panel, to see if you can improve on the fractal's appearance.
  4. Save the fractal to disk.

Make New - Random Fractal Generator Panel

The just opened Make New random fractal generation panel. Click on the Roll Dice button to create another batch.
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The Opened Control Panel

Click on the Random Generation Preferences button to open the Generator's Control panel.
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Random Generator Controls

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The set of controls allows you to select:
  1. Current Variation Set (see Variation Sets)
  2. Sets of variations that will be used - Pre, Normal, Post, Linked, & Final Transform
  3. Favorite Variation Blends (that creates nice fractals)
  4. Fractal Symmetry
  5. Aspect ratio
  6. Background Color
  7. Number of Random Transforms in the fractal + Additional Linked Transforms
  8. Number of Variations per Transform
  9. Fractal filter settings
The settings are sticky and saved as Preferences.

5 Variation Pools - Pre, Normal, Post, Linked, and Final Transform

Transforms determine the fractal's appearance. The variation types create the basic shapes for each transform. The heart of the random fractal generator is the creation of a set of randomized transforms whose basic shapes are determined by the choice of variations.

Pre/Post/Normal transforms, linked transforms, and final transforms are the basic building blocks for creating beautiful interesting fractals.
Fractal artistry is the patient, trial and error process of playing with these building blocks and trying different alternative settings and seeing what pops out.

Fractal Architect 3D allows you to choose different variations for all 3 classes of transforms. Fractal Architect 2 does not. The flexibility of FA 3D allows for consistently more interesting random fractals.

Favorites allow you to save these variation choices that consistently create great fractals. These favorites are great way to maximize the quality of fractals you can find.
Pre Group
Post Group
Final Xform
  • Optional.
  • Moderate/strong affect
  • Mandatory.
  • Slight to moderate affect
  • Optional.
  • Moderate/strong affect
  • Optional.
  • Moderate/strong affect
  • Complement normal transforms.
  • Final transforms are optional
  • Very Strong affect
  • For both good or bad.
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Choice of Variations

Here you pick the variations to use. The selected variations always bubble up to the top of the list so you can find them easily again.

Of all the factors, the choice of which Variations to use has the biggest impact on the fractal.

Its very easy, to choose some Variations, roll the dice (render 20 random fractals), and see what you get. Rinse and repeat as much as you like.
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Favorite Variation Blends

Fractal Architect provides 50 pre-defined favorite variation blends that you can use.

You can create your own favorite blends and share them with your friends. You can name them and categorize them as you wish. You can assign a Star rating too.
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Lets you add rotational/reflective symmetry to your random fractal batch.
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Roll up some random Variation blends

You create some totally random Variation blends here. You might be delighted or disappointed with the results.
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The Aspect ratio for the fractals can be set. This allows you to easily create Banners for web sites, etc.

You can also pick the background color for the random fractals.

Banner Aspect Ratio & White Background Example

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Fractal Stash

The Stash is a place to temporarily put your Favorites. The Stash can be saved to a new file.
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