Fractal Cross Breeder

The Cross Breeder morphs one fractal gradually into another, creating many possible fractal combinations on the way! Plus, it provides an easy place to create small fractal animations.

User Manual: Cross Breeder

Cross Breeding Animation Example

Cross Breeder Editor

Starting with any fractal, just open the Cross Breeder, drag and drop any other fractal in the second slot, and you're ready to make Fractal babies!.

Cross Breeder

Three Quick and Easy Ways to Animate

  • Just drag the slider to quickly see if the cross breeding looks promising.
  • Open the thumbnail interpolater and see from2 to 30 thumbnails showing each stage of the cross breeding.
  • Make a high quality Quicktime movie suitable for posting on Youtube to show your friends.

Using the Slider

The big thumbnail is repainted in real time, allowing you to quickly scrub through the range of the mutation.

Effect of slider

Showing Interpolated Thumbnails

Select the number of thumbnails, then click on the Show Thumbnails button. Up pops the thumbnails:

interpolated thumbnails

Showing Interpolated Thumbnail Video

Next click on the Show Video button. Up pops the a video created from the thumbnails! Its an easy way to quickly see the animation's interest.:

thumbnail video

Creating a Hiqh Quality Movie Clip

Finally, lets make a real movie worthy of YouTube. Click on the Make Video button.

Quicktime video player
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