Lua Opens the world of Fractal Scripting

Fractal Architect 4 includes Lua scripting support for the creation and tweaking a fractals. FA has an embedded Lua v 5.2.3 interpreter.

FA Lua scripting is compatible with Lua scripts written for the Oxidizer app. (Oxidizer pioneered the usage of Lua scripting for fractal creation.)

We are planning to create a public GitHub repository for Fractal Architect Lua scripts in the near future. This will be a great way to make potentially thousands of scripts available to the FA community. If you create some great scripts, this repository lets you share those scipts with the world.

Lua Scripted Random Fractals

Create brand new fractals using Lua scripts. Enjoy some fine scripts included in the app or write your own.

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Lua Tweak Scripts

So Easy - So Fun - So Trivial to Use

Lua Tweak Scripts are SO USEFUL. It is amazing how great the fractals are when created by tweaking a fractal with a Tweak script.

Lua Tweak Scripts are supported by both the Lua Scripted and Legacy Random Generators. Both Standard and Super Variants Editors support them too.

Lua's Module Architecture

Lua Modules are libraries of reusable Lua functions. FA includes a couple that are easy to use from tweak scripts.

Lua Scripts Github Repository

This repository holds both Factory and My Scripts Lua scripts compatible with FA and are licensed with GNU Public License version 3.

This repository is intended to be a community supported repository. So as you create new scripts or port scripts from either Apophysis or JWildfire, they can be added to this repository if you like. That way the entire community can enjoy your scripts, (as pioneered by the DeviantArt community for Apophysis).

Factory scripts are shipped with the app and subject to change with future app updates. (The app does not allow you to edit them.) You can copy them to the My Scripts folder and edit them there with your own changes.

The My Scripts folder in the repository contains a handful of ported Apophysis scripts. They are useful examples on how to port Apophysis scripts to Lua.

Porting Scripts Written for Other Apps to Lua

There are some great scripts out there written for other fractal apps. Rewriting them as Lua scripts is straight forward.

Apophysis Scripts

Even though Apophysis 7X no longer has scripting support, there are so many nice scripts available for older Apophysis versions.

Porting scripts from Apophysis Pascal to Lua is easy and you will get the same output on FA as you would from Apophysis.

JWildfire Scripts

JWildfire scripts are written in Java and can be ported to Lua. FA includes several scripts from JWildfire as examples on how to port them to Lua.

Oxidizer Scripts

Oxidizer scripts are already written in Lua. Ralf Flicker's outstanding simil3 and simil4 scripts have been tweaked for FA and are included in the app.

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Lua Script Editor

FA has a builtin editor allowing you to edit Lua scripts. OR You can use your own favorite editor to edit them.

Factory versus Your Own Scripts

The app segregates the builtin "factory" scripts from your own script folder. That way we won't accidentally overwrite your custom scripts from app updates. All factory scripts are treated as read only, but you can copy them into your script folder and tweak them as much as you like there.

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