Fractal Animation PowerHouse

  • Fastest Integrated Production Flame Fractal Renderer Available Today

    • Multiple GPU Rendering for Mac Pro's

    • OpenCL rendering on either GPUs (if available and compatible) or CPU

    • Note: GPU rendering is an In-App Purchase option

  • Render to Video with Pause/Resume Render

    • Quit App & Resume Render later where you stopped at before

    • Savable Movie Rendering State

  • Audio Integration

  • Virtually every parameter is animatable on Sequencer timeline

  • 2D & 3D Smooth Spline animation curves

Places Where You Can Create Animations

So many ways to create animation videos…

Window Where License[1] Difficulty Limitations Length[2] Curve[3]
Triangle Editor Quick-Spin Basic Easy Single animation parameter Short No
Cross Breeder Make Video Basic Easy Single Morph with Permutation Control Short Yes
Keyframes Window Animation Panel - Keyframe Animations Basic Easy Multiple keyframe morphs Long Limited
Keyframes Window Animation Panel - Loop/Morph Animations Basic Easy Multiple looping/keyframe morphs Long Limited
Triangle Editor Custom Animations Complex Easy/Medium One animation segment Medium Yes
Cross Breeder Custom Animations Complex Easy/Medium One morph segment Medium Yes
Super Variants Configure Variants Complex Easy/Medium One animation segment Medium Yes
Animation Configurator Run Button Complex Easy/Medium One animation segment Medium Yes
Sequencer Complex Medium/Complex Complex sequencing of many animation segments
Beat Synching
Very Long Yes

  1. Basic / Complex - two tiered unlimited video frame size In-App purchases.  ↩

  2. Practical limit on video clip length.  ↩

  3. Do you have full control over animation curve choice?  ↩

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