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        for Mac OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, & Yosemite

What's New in Version 4.3?

What's New in Version 4?

GPU Rendering in 2016

Hardware & Software Requirements

Features That Depend on Specific Mac OS X Versions


First Time Startup and OpenCL Setup

Creating Fractals

Creating Randomized Fractals with Control

Creating Fractal Variants

Using the Stash to Improve Your Fractals

Creating Custom Desktop Backgrounds - Creating Large Images

Variation Sets

3D Fractals

3D FlyThroughs

Direct Coloring


Variations. Variation Groups, and Group Chains

Tutorials: Deep Variation Group Chains

Render Modes - Composites & Transparency

Transparent Fractals & Image Composites

Rendering Fractals

Basic Render Images to File for Printing & Web

Advanced Rendering

Advanced Rendering - Pausing, Resuming, & Recharging Your Images

Article: Super Sampled Rendering and Anti-Aliasing

GPU Trial Rendering

GPU Rendering FAQ

Keyframes, Folios, and Image Batch Rendering

PDF Folios, Finder Quicklook Previews & Animation Tutorial

PDF Folio & Image Batch Rendering

Image File Batch Rendering


Using the Triangle Editor

Using the Color Gradient Editor

Chaos & Linked Transforms

Using the Cross Breeder

Video Animation

Introduction to Animating Fractals

Keyframe Video Animation

Video Rendering Topics

Audio/Video Utilities

Direct to Video Rendering Dialog

Movie Render State

Animation Segment Configurator

Configurator HowTo

Animation Segment Configurator

Animation Sequencer

Animation Concepts

Sequencer Walkthrough

Animation Sequencer Reference

Finding Good Animations

Main Windows and What they do

Welcome Window - Make New Fractals & Gallery

Fractal Using thePreview Window

Fractal Preview Window


Triangle Editor

Color Gradient Editor

Keyframes Window

Variants Creator and Cross Breeder

Fractal Variant Creator

Fractal Cross-Breeder

Super Variants Editor

Variations. Variation Groups, and Group Chains

Variation Group Chain Architecture

Tutorials: Deep Variation Group Chains


Render Image to File Panel

Render Multiple Images to a Folder Panel

Saved Render State Panel

Keyframe Window

Keyframe Concepts

Keyframe Windows

Lua Scripting

Using Lua Scripts

Lua API Reference

Custom Variations

Custom Variations

Custom Variation Syntax


Stash Panel

Fractal Info Text Window

Fractal Source Text Window


OpenCL Setup and Troubleshooting

Quick Navigation & Quick-Spin

Quick Navigation Buttons

QuickSpin ButtonQuick-Spin Slider and Interpolator

Where Can I Get Flame Fractals?

The ElectricSheep website has a great archive of nice fractal recipes.
You can download the fractal recipe files and render them with Fractal Architect. also has great flame fractal tutorials (listed as Apophysis tutorials)

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Support Page

News, Tips, & Support Blog


Online Manual

Supported Renderers

OpenCL CPU and GPU accelerated


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