Welcome Window

General Rendering and Fractal Concepts

Importance of the Quality Setting

Direct Coloring



Creating Random Fractals Tutorial

Creating Fractal Variants Tutorial

Creating Custom Desktop Backgrounds Tutorial

Triangle Editor Tutorial

Color Gradient Editor Tutorial

Chaos & Linked Transforms Tutorial

Introduction to Animating Fractals

Using the Cross Breeder

Using the Stash to Improve Your Fractals

Keyframe Video Animation

Preview Window

Fractal Preview Window

Browsing All Frames in a File

Keyframe Fractal Collection Window

Fractal Rotation, Scaling, Moving, & Cropping

Browsing your Fractal Collection

3D FlyThroughs


Welcome Window

Triangle Editor

Color Gradient Editor

Fractal Variant Creator

Super Variants Editor

The Stash

Quick-Spin Slider and Interpolater

Fractal Cross-Breeder

Keyframes, Folios, and Image Batch Rendering

PDF Folios, Finder Quicklook Previews & Animation Tutorial

PDF Folio & Image Batch Rendering

Creating PNG, JPEG, & TIFF File Output

Tutorial: Render Images to File for Printing & Web

Tutorial: Advanced Rendering

Article: Exhibition Image Rendering

Article: Super Sampled Rendering and Anti-Aliasing

Render to File panel

Render Multiple Images to a Folder Panel

Render State panel

Render Histogram panel

Printing the fractal

Setting the Render-to Colorspace

Creating Video File Output

Rendering an animation directly to video

Rendering a batch of PNG files

Creating a Quicktime movie from a PNG file batch

Export an Apophysis compatible .flame file

Video Animation

Introduction to Animating Fractals

Keyframe Video Animation

Video Rendering Topics

Audio/Video Utilities

Direct to Video Rendering Dialog

Movie Render State

Animation Sequencer

Animation Concepts

Animation Segment Configurator

Animation Sequencer

Finding Good Animations

Drag and Drop of fractals, images, color gradients, and files

Drag & Drop Behavior

Lua Scripting

Using Lua Scripts

Lua API Reference

Custom Variations

Custom Variations

Custom Variation Syntax

Rendering Engines

OpenCL CPU and GPU Accelerated Renderers

Fractal Architect Preferences



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Hardware & Software Requirements