Fractal Architect 4 Help Index

Whats New in Fractal Architect ver 4.3

Applies to:FA 4

New Features

New Render Modes

Drag and Drop any image (even other fractals) to make it the Background image (for compositing).

Control transparent image’s alpha mask using new AlphaGamma parameter.

Preview window has fixed aspect ratio for fractals with composited background image - same aspect ratio as the background image.

Render to File dialog boxes show the compositing background images width and height (and sets the output image’s width and height to the same values.

Deep Variation Group Chains

Matrix Variations

Create List of Lua Variant Scripts to Run

Turning Off the GPU Device Quarantine

Density Estimation Radius

Max radius depends on the GPU - on AMD, the max radius is 14, on 2012 and later Nvidia GPUs, the max radius is 19.

DE radius is important for fractals rendered on light backgrounds like the new composite image over a solid color.

Default DE radius is 7 which is the same as it has always been.

Fractal Architect 4 - CUDA

CUDA support (but not in Mac App Store app) in new Fractal Architect 4 - CUDA app. Using CUDA requires a 2012 or later Nvidia GPU model.

Triangle Editor Changes

*You can now edit the matrix2d, pre_matrix2d, and post_matrix2d matrix using the triangle editor.

Just click on the correct variation name and select “Variation” on the “Which triangle to show” selector. Pre, post, and variation triangles have different color

Other Changes

Many New Lua Scripts

randomizes the variation groups in a chain, but does add new matrix2d groups - 50% chance
randomizes the variation groups in a chain, but does NOT add new matrix2d groups
prepend a new empty Pre variation group
append a new empty Pre variation group
prepend a new empty Post variation group
append a new empty Post variation group

Lua Engine changes:

For example this is the variation table for matrix2d variation:

    matrix2d = { name="matrix2d", weight=1., coefs=makeCoefs() }

Bug Fixes =======