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Quality Adjustment

Applies to:FA 4

New feature of Fractal Architect 4 !

Quality Adjustment Multiplier

Quality Adjustment setting as been added to:

On the Welcome page and Triangle editor, you can specify a Quality Adjust scale factor which is used in Preview and thumbnail renders to improve render quality of some fractals that need a higher Preview quality. The Quality Adjust setting is down at the bottom of those windows.

Actual render quality setting is = quality setting X Quality Adjustment Multiplier

For most fractals, the quality adjustment setting of 1 is fine. However some fractals produced by Lua scripts don’t render well on GPUs well at typical preview quality settings. Setting this multiplier to say 3, will triple the actual preview render quality.

Production renders of these same noisy fractals are at much higher quality render levels, so the Quality Adjustment compensation is not applied.

Lua Script

Multiply the render quality by this quality multiplier
Some fractals need higher than normal render quality. If your scripts creates fractals needing longer render times, this quality multiplier will tell the app to set the render quality higher.

GPU rendering tends to have higher noise at typical preview quality amounts than CPU rendering.

The multiplier here tells the app to increase the preview render by this quality multiplier.