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PDF Folios

Applies to:
Fractal Architect
Serendipity - Keyframes Option

See: Keyframes Tutorial

PDF Folios contain one or more fractal images and are a convenient way to package a collection of rendered fractal images. They do not hold the actual fractal source defintion data, but do hold the images created by rendering the fractals.

The PDF file format works on both Macs, PCs, IOS, and Android devices.

Compressing PDF Folios

When first created, PDF Folios can be large. You can use applications like PDF Squeezer (available on the Mac App Store) to compress them. A compressed PDF Folio is about 10% of the size of the original Folio file.

Predefined PDF Folio Formats

Quicklook Preview of PDF Folio

Image Batch Rendering (formerly called PNG Batch Rendering)

See: Image Batch Render Panel

The app provides convenient shortcuts to produce both PDF Folios and Quicktime movies, without saving the individual frame images to files. Of course, the app can create a PDF Folio or Quicktime movie from an existing Image file batch. It does expect the files to named in a certain manner though.

But you may need the more flexible workflow of producing a batch of images files (preferrably PNG) into a new folder. This allows you to use other 3rd party movie creation tools, especially if you need to create PC compatible movies.

The Render to Image Batch dialog can also optionally create a PDF Folio or Quicktime Movie for you from the Image Batch too. This has the advantage of creating a directory full of image files suitable for creating PC compatible movies.

New Features in Image Batch Rendering