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Why the Stash?

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Fractal Architect

So whats so important about the Stash?

Stash with fractals

The problem with Fractal Architect

Its ridiculously easy to create great looking fractals. In minutes, you can create hundreds of new random fractals. Many are instant garbage but others are to some extent, keepers. How to choose between them? How to you selct those to work further on in the Triangle and Color Gradient editors? Its not easy.

Culling - Separating theWheat from the Chaff

The Stash is a culling device. Put the best ones you just created there. Look at the carefully. Throw away the so-so ones and keep the great ones. Its a great way to weed out the inferior and keep the superior.

Succesive Refinement

Eventually the Stash becomes full of great fractals. Its time to find them a home. Click the Save Stash button on the Stash window. This creates a new fractal document with multiple keyframes.

Now open the keyframes window for that new file. You can continue to refine your fractals. You can drag fractals thumbnails from the keyframe window to the Stash and vice versa.

Putting Thumbnails in the Stash

Add to Stash Button
On many of the thumbnail grids in the app you click on the Add to Stash button.
Use the Edit > Copy to copy a fractal. Use Edit > Paste to paste the copied fractal to the Stash.
Drag & Drop
Drag a fractal from any thumbnail, fractal preview window, Fractal file in the Finder. Drop it on the Stash. You select multiple thumbnails and drag the collection of fractals to the Stash.

Important: The Stash is not Saved!

When you exit the app, you are asked if you want to save the Stash contents (it is not empty and you have not saved it yourself).

If you choose to not save, the Stash contents are discarded and are gone.