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Fractal Architect 2 versus Serendipity

Fractal Architect 2 is the full featured fractal flame editor app for creating flame fractal images and create basic video animations from flame fractals.

Serendipity introduces you to the world of fractal flames and the magnificent images you can create with them. It allows you to quickly create great images and render them with full OpenCL GPU acceleration (requires a Mac with a discrete GPU - other Macs render on the CPU).

Serendipity offers a subset of the features found in Fractal Architect 2. It let you create randomized new fractals with a good bit of control. Those fractals can then be further refined in the Variants editor.

Serendipity can be upgraded via its embedded In-app purchase Store to have the exact same features as its peer app, Fractal Architect 2. (Apple’s Mac App Store does not offer any way to offer upgrade pricing when upgrading from one app to another app.) The Store menu opens the embedded store.

These are the upgrade options for Serendipity you can choose to purchase:

Note that after upgrading Serendipity with the full feature set of Fractal Architect 2, the app is still Serendipity, not Fractal Architect 2. However, once fully upgraded, the two apps are functionally the same.

Note all purchases made on the App’s embedded store are from Apple’s Mac App Store. All billing and customer service concerns should be directed to:

Mac App Store Customer Support