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The Stash Panel

Applies to:
Fractal Architect

The Stash panel provides a non-persistent place to put your favorite fractals. Its does not automatically save the fractals to disk and the Stash will be emptied when you exit the application. However, when you exit the app, if the Stash has unsaved changes, you will be asked if you want to save them. Saving the Stash copies the Stash contents into a new composite fractal. You can save the Stash at anytime, not just when exiting the app.

Adding Fractals to the Stash

  1. From Home Page or Variants Editor, select one or more thumbnails and click the Add to Stash button. To select multiple thumbnails, click on the first thumbnail with the mouse, then hold down either the Shift key or ⌘ key when click on the remaining thumbnails.
  2. From Preview window, click with the mouse on the image, wait for the Drag icon to appear, then drag it over to the Stash and drop the fractal.
  3. From Finder, click on a Flame file and drag it to the Stash and drop it.

Removing Specific Fractals from the Stash

Select the one or more thumbnails to remove and hit the “-” button or press the Delete key.

Clearing the Stash

Click on the Clear button.

Saving the Stash to a new Composite Fractal

Click on the Save Stash button. This creates a new composite fractal containing all of the flame fractals in the Stash and opens a Preview window for it. Save this new composite fractal to disk.

The new fractal has one frame for every fractal in the Stash. Press on the Preview window’s Frames button to see them.

Standard Thumbnail Services

Open the Preview window for this thumbnail.
Open the Variants editor to play with different random combinations.
Show the QuickLook window to see a temporary bigger image.
Opens a non-editable view of the fractal text description.
Open the Triangle Editor for the thumbnail.