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Keyframes Usage Tutorial

Applies to:
Fractal Architect
Serendipity - Keyframes Option

Keyframes Usage Tutorial - Folio and Animation

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This release is all about Fractal Collections (often called KeyFrames). These collections can be used as is or they can be the foundation for fractal video animation.

Here is a quick tour of using the Stash to create a new file with a KeyFrame collection in it. We also introduce a new application file type (.fa) which can hold pre-rendered images, PDF Folios, or even Movies. Mac OS X supports all of these media types with Quicklook and the Finder.

Lets start with the Stash. This feature was introduced last release and allows you to group the very best fractals in your app session and save them to a new Flame file.

Stash with fractals

From Stash to Keyframes

Click on the Save Stash button and you save the stash to a new fractal document.

Preview window

Click on the Frames button to see the Keyframes inside the file.

Keyframes window

From Keyframes to PDF Folio

Use the menu Folio > Create Folio to create either an arbitrary sized folio, create a folio for either old/new iPads, or create a Folio and make it the Quicklook preview for the file.

Lets create one for the iPad.

Creating Folio

If you have an iPad, try using iTunes to add the PDF Folio to your iPad.

Using iTunes to upload a Folio to your iPad

Open iTunes. Open a Finder window and go to your directory where the Folio is. In iTunes, click on Library > Books. Drag the Folio with the mouse from the Finder and drop into Books area. Sync to your iPad. Open the iBooks app on the iPad. Use Library > Collections > PDFs buttons to get to the PDFs on the iPad. The Folio will be there.

View Folio with Finder Quicklook

Find the file with Finder, select the file with the mouse and hit the Spacebar to open the Finder’s Quicklook view of the Folio. There is no wait for rendering – it opens instantly.

Folio Quicklook

Embed Folio in Fractal Architect File


Checkout the Finder Thumbnail for your new Fractal file

The Finder allows you to browse all of the keyframes inside the file from the thumbnail view (without opening the Quicklook view in the Finder). Note the arrow buttons on the thumbnail. If you click on them, you can see the other keyframes.

Folio Finder Thumbnail - first pane

I click on the right arrow button and it switches to this:

Folio Finder Thumbnail - second pane

Finder Quicklook for Fractal Architect File

We are not done with the Finder. Click on the spacebar and look at the Quicklook preview. Its a scrollable view of all of the keyframes! Its pre-rendered so it opens instantly.

From Keyframes to Animation

Back at the Keyframes window, click on the Animation Panel button. Choose your video size, fractal quality, frame rate and start the Render.

Keyframe window animation panel

The movie will open in the Quicktime Player when it is finished rendering.

Embed Movie in Fractal Architect File

Lets make this new movie your Quicklook Preview item.

Use File > Manage Finder Quicklook Preview > Import Movie to copy the movie into the fractal document.

Checkout the Finder Thumbnail for your updated Fractal file

Movie Finder Thumbnail

Click on the Arrow button on the Thumbnail and the movie will play scaled down to fit the thumbnail. Hit the Spacebar with the Thumbnail selected, and Quicklook movie player will start the movie. Double-click on the thumbnail opens the fractal document inside of Fractal Architect.