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Triangle Editor

Applies to:
Fractal Architect
Serendipity - Triangle Editor Option

The triangle editor allows you to control the appearance of your fractal by defining the fractal's component transforms.

See: What makes a Flame Fractal?

Tutorial: Triangle Editor Tutorial

Aspect ratio Standard monitor panel

Triangle Editor panels

  1. Triangle viewer/editor panel
  2. Transform List, Final Transform, Flame Parameters, Dimensions, Flam3, & Designer panels
  3. Triangle viewport options panel
  4. Variations, Parameters, Matrices, and Triangles panel
  5. Triangle Adjuster panel
  6. Chaos Weights dialog.
  7. Dockable preview

Triangle Editor Thumbnail Image Window

Editor thumbnail window


The thumbnail image window can be resized with the mouse at the bottom-right corner.


Click on the thumbnail image to make it the key window. Press spacebar to open the quicklook view window. Press spacebar again to close it.

Drag & Drop

Dragging a flame file on top of the thumbnail will cause the file to be opened in another Preview window.
Click hold the mouse on the window's image until a small thumbnail appears. Drag this onto a finder window or Desktop to copy the flame fractal document to that location.

Tips and TroubleShooting

My fractal image disappeared and all I see is the background color!

This is called a diverging fractal, where the point iteration process causes the points to leave the area seen through the fractal image. One common culprit is a transform matrix expansion with a large scale factor value.