App’s base version is free, but has some limitations.

In-App purchases required to remove limitations.

  • Free Version Limitations
    • CPU Rendering Only
    • 1.23 Square Megapixels Image Size Limit (1280x960)
    • Max Video Frame Size (320x240) - No Video Time Limit
    • Free GPU Rendering Trial with 16 Fractal Selection
  • In-App Purchase Items
    1. Unlimited Image File Size +
      Unlimited Video Frame Size for Basic Animations
    2. Unlimited Video Frame Size for Complex Animations
    3. Enable GPU Rendering

In-App Purchase Animation Category

Window Where Category
Triangle Editor Quick-Spin Basic
Cross Breeder Make Video Basic
Keyframes Window   Animation Panel - Keyframe Basic
Keyframes Window Animation Panel - Loop/Morph     Basic
Triangle Editor Custom Animations Complex
Cross Breeder Custom Animations Complex
Super Variants Configure Variants Complex
Sequencer Complex

If an animation is created using the Sequencer and/or Animation Configurator tool, it is a complex animation.

Otherwise, it is a basic animation.

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