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What’s New

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Rendering Engine Improvements

The rendering engine has been improved in many ways.

  1. Xaos and Linked transform support in OpenCL renderer
    Xaos Variants plus Linked transform support by random fractal generator.
  2. Video animation motion blur
  3. Render video animations to either image file sequence or movie
  4. Create movie from mage file sequence utility included.
  5. 2D and 3D Hack fractal rendering - 330 variation types
  6. Support for Direct color variation types
  7. Render state always preserved when rendering to file
  8. Continuous rendering mode
  9. Duo pane display of rendered images - shows incremental improvement

As always, full support for rendering on both GPUs and CPUs. Rendering on the GPU is so much faster than CPU rendering.

3D Fractals

Full support for both 2D and 3D fractals in all areas of app:

Huge Variation Types Library

330 variation types are included (more to follow).

Variation Sets

Random Generation Changes

Variants Changes

Many new variant categories:

Still have Full GPU Support !! More explicit Device switching